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"Išlaužo žuvis" is a time-tested farm and here we have been nurturing the traditions of fish farming since 1965. Even a dozen species of fish grow in polyculture in the ponds.

The fish in the recipe is also prepared on our farm - from the spawn to your table. We grow and improve to provide you with the best quality fish. We are located in Išlaužas, Prienai district, but you can also find stores in Kaunas and Vilnius.


Valdonė Š.

Very tasty fish! Trout This is how the chefs matched everything to fish!

Dalia M.

2 weeks ago, I had the chance to taste Išlaužas smoked fish. Great guy 🙂 He knows how to make.

Gintautas J.

Probably the best fish you can buy in Lithuania. And the branded store has a wide selection and is always fresh. I'm waiting for the fish restaurant to open in Išlaužas

Onutė K.

Very, very tasty fish from Išlaužas, I had to eat it more than once

Algis Š.

We often drive through Išlaužas but we cannot return home without stopping by the fish shop there and buying some delicious smoked fish.

Rasa S.

Your most delicious! For a seafarer to learn and improve...

Daiva A.

You know, the quality corresponds to the price, because it's very tasty. 😉

Irena R.

I had to taste several types, I really liked them.

Zita M.

I visit often, great assortment. Delicious. Thank you


Would you like fresh carp or maybe smoked catfish? Buy at the most convenient location for you.

Pond stocking

Take care of your water body and enjoy clear water or fishing.

Pleasure fishing

Catch such a catch that it would be a shame to put even in a pot.

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February 22, 2021

What fish should you choose for your pond?

Norint pasiekti maksimalų rezultatą, būtina rinktis ne vienos rūšies žuvis, o derinti keletą jų.  Rekomenduojame pasirinkti bent penkias žuvų rūšis...
February 22, 2021

Kokį pašarą rinktis? Pagrindinė informacija

Lietuvoje specialūs žuvų pašarai yra brangūs, maždaug 1-4€/kg. Toks maistas būtinas, kai norima auginti egzotiškesnes žuvis, tokias, kaip eršketai, upėtakiai...
February 22, 2021

Pagrindinės telkinio įžuvinimo taisyklės

Tvenkinio įžuvinimas nereikalauja daug pastangų ar lėšų. Pasirinktos tinkamos žuvys iki pat vėlyvo rudens džiugins stebint jas nuo kranto ar tiltelio. O paskui galima jas sugauti  ir ne kartą  pasidaryti…

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